Chidinma Mbalaso
Chidinma Mbalaso

MoHits, HiTV, Stella Damascus Express Shock Over Kokolette Chidinma's Death

Following the shocking death of Chidinma Mbalaso (Koko Mansion), friends and loved ones have expressed their bitter heart.

The winner of Koko Mansion 2009, Bolanle Okhiria, out of shock, tweeted ‘it’s a rumour’ through her Twitter account.

Bolanle was said to have confirmed it to be true later through a phone call which she said...‘Now it’s true, I just confirmed it like an hour ago from a friend who is close to her. Please can we talk later? I’m not in a good mood right now‘.

Wole Soyinka
Wole Soyinka

Wole Soyinka - Stop Using My Name For Campaign

Prof. Wole Soyinka called the attention of the public and the police to some fake text messages purportedly written by him endorsing some politicians. This was made through an e-mail sent to some media houses this morning,

His e-mail.....

Yobo and Adaeze
Yobo and Adaeze

Ex-MBGN Adaeze Tells More About Yobo

An Interview was taken by a blogger with Adaeze Igwe, the Ex-MBGN who happens to be the wife to the Nigerian Super Eagles Defender Joseph Yobo.

She revealed some interesting gists about her life with the footballer.

Kanye West and D Banj
Kanye West and D Banj

Picture Of Kanye West and D Banj

A picture of Kanye West and D Banj leaked.

I guess the wait would soon be over and we would find out what exactly the tweet by Kanye West actually means : "Yo @iamdbanj and @donjazzymohits "get back to NY asap there is still work to be done".

Amebortalk posted a gist earlier that:

Terry G and his Mom
Terry G and his Mom

Terry G and His Mom Pics

So much swagg from the "D Swagga Master", It actually comes from the Mother.

In the picture from the left is Uti the Winner of BBA, Terry G's Mom, and D Ginger Master himself, Terry G.

Terry G and his Mom who both share the same birth date (March 17th), had a fun-filled day at an orphanage S.O.S children village Isolo, where they decided to spend their special day.

I guess the swagg thing runs in the family. I can only imagine how his Dad looks like......?


Toyin Koyejo and Nicki Minaj
Toyin Koyejo and Nicki Minaj

Nigerian Model In Trouble For Revealing Nicki Minaj's Secret

Toyin Koyejo, a Nigerian Model who was supposed to take a leading role in a "Nicki Minaj" new video, got himself into trouble from "over-excitement".

The six-packed looking model, revealed on tweet, the title of the video Super Bass, in which he was set to feature.

But little did he know that Nicki had tweeted earlier that the title of the new video was a secret from fans.

Toyin Koyejo almost lost his job for having such a "Big Mouth".

The Essiens
The Essiens

Micheal Essien's Father Disowns Him

A public cry has been made by James Essien, the Father of the Chelsea Mid-fielder Micheal Essien, complaining that he had been abandoned and neglected by his son.

He is posing a threat that Micheal Essien should stop using his name. He said "I will go all out to ensure that he stops using my name. ..Even if I have to drag him to the law courts, I will do that…I have been ill for over a year now"

James Essien claims to have been neglected by his son for years, he couldn't figure out why he should be the Dad of a multi-billionaire son and yet live as a wretch, saying “His mother has been ill-advising him to stop providing for my upkeep."

Frank Edoho
Frank Edoho

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Presenter, Frank Edoho, Breaks Up In Marriage

The presenter for "Who wants to be a Millionaire", Frank Edoho, seems to be in yet another trouble in his marriage life.

Frank who is married to Katherine, an employee in NTA was said to have left his matrimonial home for his wife. A similar incident had occurred two years ago.

My words to Frank....."Dont you want to use your LIFE LINES?". At least you should have considered to "Phone a Friend", or better still "Ask Us your Audience".

Black Gold Movie
Black Gold Movie

Jeta Amata's Life Threatened Over Black Gold Movie

A warning message sent to Jeta Amata...“This is a warning to you. It has come to our notice that you have produced a video about the problem in the Niger-Delta without proper consultations regarding the true state of affairs in the area. You are hereby warned not to release that video or be faced with grave consequences.

Wizkid: Oya 'AXE' Your Mummy

O.M.G! AmeborTalk may have been responsible for some funny picture stunts lately, but to be honest, we found this Wizkid's picture on google.

Its funny how it all rhymes out, come to think of it....Wizkid actually did say "oya AXE ur mummy"? The truth would be made public some day I guess.

The latest from Wizkid's story was his car snatch at gun point. More details are yet to unravel from that gist.

If you think you have heard it all.........amebor talk would tell you more.

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