Wizkid Impregnates An Undergraduate. She Delivers A Baby Girl

The touch is set on Wizkid once again as rumour spreads around the internet about Wizkid having a baby girl. The gist says that Wizkif impregnated an undergraduate named Sola several months ago. Nine months passed and the result was a baby girl for Wizkid.

Picture Of Wizkid And His "New Girlfriend"

Wizkid is at it again. This time he was spotted in a beach with his "new girlfriend". So? Its not as if this is a new thing for the male specie. So the young man likes to change women every now and then, that's no big deal. If you haven't been with another girl before, cast the first comment. lol.

Will Smith
Will Smith

Actor Will Smith Dead?

Actor Will Smith last night became the latest celebrity to not fall to his death near the Kauri Cliffs resort in Northland.
Stories flooded the internet yesterday stating the Men In Black star had died while filming in New Zealand.

The false report came from the Outrageous Fortune actress Robyn Malcolm fall from the same cliffs, near Matauri Bay.


Wizkid Drops Out Of School

The gossip on board says Wizkid has dropped out of school in pursuit of his musical career.

Wizkid whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is a student of the Leedcity University.

The 200 level student of International Relations stated in a recent interview that his dropout from school was due to the fact that he could not continue with his school studies as it gave him less concentration on his musical career. Though he promised to go back to school sometime in the future

D Banj Proposes To Genevieve On Moments With Mo TV Show

Despite the recent break up, D Banj has finally tied the decision with his Love.

You may have guessed it right, D Banj proposed to Genevieve yesterday on the popular TV Show Moments with Mo.

This came as a shocking news to audience and Nigerians at large, as we all thought it was all over between the Musician and the Actress.


Update On Wizkid Arrest As He Performs In Benin (Video)

Fans of Wizkid stormed the internet in search of "Wats Up" with the rumour of Wizkid being arrested for drug trafficking.

The amebor was all over the place that Wizkid had been arrested by Scotland police, but that same Wizkid performed LIVE at Da Civic Center, Benin City.

"Make una judge this matter", would Scotland Police make an arrest for a big offence such as Drug Trafficking, and let the suspect attend a show in Nigeria?

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan Died March 28, 2011 With Heart-Attack?

Fans are very upset from this shocking news. Is this a rumor? Has the death of 51-year-old Chinese-Hollywood superstar Jackie Chan confirmed? Has Jackie Cha died with heart-attack? Is Jackie Chan Dead? These are the some questions that a large number of people are searching in the google to confirm the answers. Infact, every weekend, people seem to become more than a little bit bored.

Then we see a bunch of rumors suggesting that a celebrity of some sort has died.


Wizkid Arrested For Drugs?

Wizkid arrested? This rumour is so hot, I had to google the fire out of it.

The gossip is that Wizkid has been arrested in Scotland for Drug trafficking. The news is yet to be solid....let alone confirmed.

The young talented EME singer has been on the lips of many since 2011. First we heard the gist of his fake age, and his relationship with Tonto Dike. Later the "Badt Guys" of Lagos stole his car from him.


9ice Gets A Baby Girl From Abuja Lover

9ice Shots!!!!! And He SCORES! 9ice is now a father of a baby girl and the mother is Bukky, his Abuja based partner.

Despite enough effort to keep their relationship on a low-key, the gist was all over the place.
The relationship has never been public, even though those close to the singer are well aware they’re seriously dating.

Mrs Patience Jonathan
Mrs Patience Jonathan

First Lady's Classic Grammatical Blunders

The First Lady of the Federation, Mrs Patience Jonathan, has been famous for her repeated Verbal Missile rockets that comes out from her mouth.

Poor communication skills but with good governance.....what more could you ask for?

Below is a list of selected grammatical blunders she released to the ears of Nigerians....

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