When Ramsey Scores, A Top Name Dies?

Unbelievable! I hear that Arsenal player Aaron Ramsey gets a top name dead anytime he scores a goal. Please am not serious about this post, the coincidence is just funny to hear.

50 cent and Ikechukwu
50 cent and Ikechukwu

Funny Pix - Celebrity Look-alike: 50 Cent and Ikechukwu

Someone told me I could get into trouble with Ikechukwu for this picture, but I think the laugh is worth the trouble. Check out 50 cent looking so much like our very own rapper Ikechukwu in a movie 50 cent played as a dying sports man "All Things Fall Apart".

Beyonce and Ivy Blue
Beyonce and Ivy Blue

Pictures Of Beyonce and Her Baby Girl

Beyonce has posted a few pictures of her and her baby girl Ivy Blue. In just one word I classify this photos as BEAUTIFUL.

Susy Q
Susy Q

Night Club Owner Susy Q Stabbed To Death

There is a tragic report saying that the SQ Lounge owner, Susan Yusuf also known as Susy Q, was stabbed to death in her flat in Victoria Island Lagos.

Don Jazzy Issues Apology For His Anti Nigerian Rap Comment

“If you decide dat u want 2 do rap,there is 1 thing u shld put at d bk of ur mind,ur parents r not proud of u.” Those were the words of Don Jazzy that landed him in the news. Don Jazzy was referring to the low possibility of success in Nigeria Music being a rapper.

Chika Ike
Chika Ike

Actress Chika Ike Buys 2012 Honda CrossTour Worth N12million

Nollywood actress Chika Ike has bought for herself a white colour 2012 Honda Cross Tour worth over 12 million Naira.

Onitsha Riot: Photo Of The Igbo Driver Killed

More info coming on the Onitsha riot that erupted yesterday between Igbos and Hausas says the whole thing started because the driver did not agree to roger the policemen N50.
In case you missed the story, a Policeman who is hausa by tribe, shot an igbo commercial bus driver in Onitsha. To pour salt for injury, the bus driver is suspected to be a member of the Movement of the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) .

Sheep Gives Birth To Human
Sheep Gives Birth To Human

Sheep Gives Birth To Half Human Baby In Sokoto. Photo

Is this world really coming to an end soon? I cant believe my ears hearing that a sheep gave birth to a half human being, but my belief got more confused when i saw the picture of the baby.

Photo Of A Baby Dumped In Gutter In Ondo

There was an odd situation in Ondo town, as residents of the area found the body of a day old baby boy thrown into a gutter.

The incident which attracted many inhabitant of the town to the area, caused some traffic hold up as people scrambled to catch a glimpse of the baby boy believed to be a day-old that was dumped into a water channel in the area.

Kefee Launches "Branama Kitchens". Photos

Nigerian singer Kefee has launched her own restaurant which she named after her most successful hit track "Branama".
The "BRANAMA" restaurant was launched on Monday February 6th at 11 Ajose street, Mende-Maryland, and of cause celebrities were not found wanting.

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