Wizkid Impregnates An Undergraduate. She Delivers A Baby Girl

The touch is set on Wizkid once again as rumour spreads around the internet about Wizkid having a baby girl. The gist says that Wizkif impregnated an undergraduate named Sola several months ago. Nine months passed and the result was a baby girl for Wizkid.

According to the story, Sola was said to have been studying in University of Legon in Ghana. Also I hear that Wizkid's parents insist they will wait until a DNA test is done to confirm if the child really belongs to Wizkid.

Badt guy don score goal already, if this is for real, then whats up with Wizkid and Tonto Dike's relationship? Wizkid and Lagos Big girl Toyin Lawani? Wizkid and his new girlfriend on the photo? This guy na real confirmed badt guy oh.

In a response to the story, Wizkid denied having a child saying: ‘No, I don’t. It’s just a rumour, I’m not thinking about that right now’. He later continued by saying: 'I really don’t want to find myself in that kind of situation, I’m all about my music now‘.

To rap this story about Wizkid impregnating a girl, this is the juicy part of the gist. Wizkid tweeted on his page last friday saying:
(@wizkidayo) ‘Hey All.. Got sumthin to tell yall. In life, there are those times when you wonder about the wrong decisions you’ve made… This is one of those times for me.  I realize that I haven’t always lived up to everyone’s expectations from my loved ones to the immense love from my fans. I am sorry.  Please continue to pray for me.  With the help of my family and my EME big brothers, I am working on becoming a better man, a better artiste, a more responsible person with every one of my actions.‘

For all those who would read this and say am carrying fake news, please read the next few word carefully......THIS STORY HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED AS IT STILL REMAINS A RUMOUR



Dave 2011-08-22 17:19:17
Wizkid said gone are the days gals played me like ping pong bt nw he's like king kong driving in his lincoln. Y u no go **** plenty wit ur machine

Quinta Chibouke 2011-08-22 20:32:57
Enemies just try 2 put a barrier in pples career, but they would dye of malaria.

Nayomi 2011-08-22 20:48:50
:-* i xo dnt believe dat unlike some peepz i av faith in him.xo am sure wizkid isnt dat kind of person.

Sammy Brown 2011-08-23 09:57:12
guy i really luv ur musiq,nd i realli luv ur swagz,i don't care if u pregnant 1000000 girls 2day,i wuld still luv u,bcus i undastand ur situation i'm also an up comin artist,i av gone tru dis probz b4 just keep kul

Keno Wiszy 2011-08-23 17:43:38
Wizkid u're my man.....pikin or no pikin carry go...but use condom next time...don't be pulled down....2face had a similar situation but he's still booming!!!.......Go shake 9ja 4 me

Solo_pee 2011-08-24 08:59:21
scandal or no scandal,pregnancy or no pregnancy, wizzy is still the man that is liable 2 bring grammy 2 naija. So haters ''don't dull'' ur system by forming fake ''pakorumocious'' stories. Instead just holla at the boy weneva he pass by..WOD UP WIZZY ,

Bharyo 2011-08-24 15:05:11
the guy na sharp guy joor at least hes above 18 and got d doe to take care of his new born and monday so wats pppl swahala there,jeun lo joor wizzy baba

Sophi Khalifa 2011-08-24 16:14:26
:lol: u did notin rong,u r jst obeyin God by cmin 2 d world 2 multiply..........its nt d end, its jst a stepin stone

Taiye Youngteezy 2011-08-24 18:09:31
Dnt wori bro notin do u notin nw unda d world ur head stil dey there bt dey us cndm nxt time d boi try halla @ u youngteezy say so mor so cn we feature ursef i beg bro i get cnfrm sng kwara artist wit jamboreen nd j money

Sheun Lanre 2011-08-25 00:16:18
Wizzy! Tell dem say, elenu lo lenu. But u self make u dey do am jeje.. Is nt wizzy fault, all d girl them wan do am, even ur sis, girlfrnd and plenty girls, but my man no DULL HINSELF..

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