Reg. Sim Card Within Six Months Or Face Disconnection

The Federal Government has given telecommunication Subscribers in Nigeria six months ultimatum to register SIM cards or face being cut-off from the network.

Executive Vice Chairman Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr. Eugene Juwah, stated this Monday, at  the official inauguration of the registration of Subscriber Identification Module (SIM), cards, said it is imperative for security reasons for all subscribers in the nation to ensure their SIMs are registered.

The EVC called on Nigerians not to delay the registration till the last minute, said any SIM card that is not registered within the stipulated time would be cut off  would be cut off from the telecommunications networks.

According to him, “The exercise will help to reduce the number of crimes that are assisted by telecommunications as well as gather data that are essential for planning and implementation of government programmes.

“This event is very significant in many ways. First, this nation has been waiting for the day when all the SIM cards in use in the country are registered, and the identity of the owner of every line is known.

“Another significance of this is the achievement of a central data base for all mobile phone users in Nigeria. Today, therefore, marks a major step taken by the NCC to bequeath to the nation an important tool, a pool of data that will assist other government agencies, especially the security agencies and the National Identity Management Commission in carrying out their jobs in the national interest.”

He continued, “The registration exercise will last for a period of six months and registration centres will be deployed all over the country and all subscribers will find a centre close to their abode to register their SIM cards.

“No Nigerian or visitor to Nigeria using mobile phones is exempt from this exercise. At the end of six months of this registration, all unregistered SIM cards will be disconnected from the various networks.”




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