Naija and Nigeria. Which Do You Prefer?


ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER attended the big time THISDAY AWARDS in Lagos.
The "Commando" hero was caught on picture repping "Naija". Dora Akunyili, the former information minister, had shown vex to the name despite the rate at which young Nigerians are embracing the name "Naija".

Even though the name Nigeria was giving to us by our British Colonial Masters......Naija seems a lot more COOLER.

So many Co-operate brands prefer to go with the "Naija" flare. Likes of Etisalat showing it off with 0809ja, Banks placing catchy adverts with Naija on it, even regular "Mama Put" now says "Naija Food Is Ready".

Naija 4 Life, a popular phrase, the entertainment industry seems to be loving the name. Most Nigerian artist takes it preferable to the regular country name.

Some may wonder where the name "Naija" came out from. All I can say is that Naija is another name for Nigeria, the patriotic name for Nigerians to show their strength and smartness.{googleAds}
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The origin of this cool name remains unknown. Though some say it was coined out from "NI-gerians don JA", based on the fact that most Nigerians runaway (JA) from the country for a better living.

This "Unproven" fact seems false considering the fact that Naija as a name sounds a lot better than Nigeria.

For official records, you could refer to us as Nigerians, but off the hook.......I be a typical Naija Guy. U Dey Feel Me?




Pharo 2011-03-27 13:24:05
Guy Na Naija I sabi. Naija for life

Sholight 2011-03-27 13:28:16
Rep For Naija. This is our name joor. The other name is old school

Yohana 2011-03-27 13:29:45
I think the name Naija is good. But its just a slang for the pple. Nigeria is still the original name

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