MoHits, HiTV, Stella Damascus Express Shock Over Kokolette Chidinma's Death

Chidinma Mbalaso

Following the shocking death of Chidinma Mbalaso (Koko Mansion), friends and loved ones have expressed their bitter heart.

The winner of Koko Mansion 2009, Bolanle Okhiria, out of shock, tweeted ‘it’s a rumour’ through her Twitter account.

Bolanle was said to have confirmed it to be true later through a phone call which she said...‘Now it’s true, I just confirmed it like an hour ago from a friend who is close to her. Please can we talk later? I’m not in a good mood right now‘.

The online social media has been on fire over the death of the Kokolette Chidinma Mbalaso who died in a road mishap in Kaduna.
Stella Damascus even tweeted ‘Just heard about the death of another young girl Chidinma who was a part of Koko Mansion. Pls ppl intensify prayers for our industry‘.

The Producers of the Koko Mansion reality show, HiTV, had this to say ‘HiTV family is deeply shocked on receiving the news of the death of Kokolette Chidinma. This is indeed a trying time for the nation’s entertainment industry with the death of upcoming comedian CD John just yesterday morning. We pray she rests in peace and God should grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss‘.{googleAds}
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No official response yet from the Koko Master D Banj, but his Manager Sunday Aire aired his view..'My brother I didn’t hear about this until now. We had a show last night; I even slept over at D’banj’s house. I’m just hearing this from you and another journalist that called just before your call-in. It’s a sad one. Another talent is gone. This back-to-back death is getting too much'.

Rest in Peace Kokolette



Lorita 2011-03-27 09:24:02
We will always love you....... :sad:

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