Picture Of Kanye West and D Banj

Kanye West and D Banj

A picture of Kanye West and D Banj leaked.

I guess the wait would soon be over and we would find out what exactly the tweet by Kanye West actually means : "Yo @iamdbanj and @donjazzymohits "get back to NY asap there is still work to be done".

Amebortalk posted a gist earlier that:


OSHE! The MoHits crew seems to be pulling a lot of stunts this 2011. First of all, it was a video for endowed remix with Uncle Snoop Dogg, now its Kanye West requesting that they come over to New York as soon as possible.

This was seen on a tweet by the American Producer and Rapper Kanye West, who sent a tweet at Don Jazzy and Dbanj at about 2am March 1, 2011 stating..."get back to NY asap there is still work to be done".{googleAds}
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{/googleAds}My guess is another collaboration with mohits, but what ever it is, Don Jazzy and Dbanj did not hesitate to reply sharp-sharp.

Kanyewest Yo @iamdbanj and @donjazzymohits "get back to NY asap there is still work to be done".

DONJAZZYMOHITS @kanyewest yes boss. See u soon

iamdbanj @kanyewest oooossssheee no worries boss. Coming soon



Tega 2011-05-29 01:00:34
i tnk dbanj is plastic,he seriously needs 2baba 2 tutor him.he cnt ever b mre famous dan he is or more dan beiber.

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