Lagos: Fire Burns Berger Auto Market

Fire Incident In 2010

Saturday the 5th day of March, recorded an ugly incident in which no fewer than 10 vehicles were razed down.

This was as a result of a massive fire that destroyed a portion of Las Vegas Park at Berger Motors, in Kirikiri area of Lagos State.

Eye witness at the event says the fire which started around 4pm, had a refuse dump as the source. Vehicles undergoing repairs at a close by mechanic workshop got the first hit from the fire.

Even though a good number of helpers made efforts to quench the fire, lots of motorists pulled out of the road for the fear of contacting the fire.

Stories like this would make you wish we had a Nigerian Super-Man. He could have carried a water tank from water board to quench the fire, but even though, naija water board no get water.{googleAds}
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As we no get Superman, those involved in the fire rescue were, sympathizers, fire fighters from the Federal Fire Service, State Fire Service and the Nigeria Navy.
Also involved were Policemen from the Kirikiri Police station. "wetin dem come do?" Arrest Fire?.

Chibuike, the owner of the park, was left with no reactions but tears in his eyes.
Reports were gathered that a similar fire outbreak had occurred at that same spot two years back. Hmmmmm? Dem sure say person no dey press remote for villa?

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