A UK Rock Band Named Goodluck Jonathan: Complains For Sharing Name

Goodluck Jonathan Rock Band

When the name Goodluck is mentioned, we picture the Nigeria's President, let alone adding Jonathan to it. But that the story is different for a UK based rock music band comprising of four guys.

I bet we all didn't see this one coming, but this four guys rock music band is called "Goodluck Jonathan". They however denied naming the band after the Nigerian President.

They claimed a friend gave them the name which they liked because it promotes oneness in the band (the name sounds like one person). "Who we go ask na?"

And they've been complaining about their twitter account (@GLJonathanband) attracting tweets from Nigerians on the state of Nigeria's economy and other problems. They must have been mistaken for the Nigerian president.Goodluck Jonathan Rock Band1

B4 nko? Why we no go think say na Goodluck Jonah?




Mr. Milles 2011-03-10 13:26:58
:lol: It kinda funny

Ricowilliam 2011-03-10 14:56:20
Na our Goodluck Jonathan we sabi

Why Na 2011-05-16 04:11:35
na dem no our gud luck na 4 real make dem go kick iron bucket

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