Samson Siasia Begs Nigeria To Forgive Yakubu Aiyegbeni

Yakubu's Miss

The Super Eagles coach, Samson Siasia, has pleaded with Nigerians to stop blaming Yakubu Aiyegbeni for Nigeria's horrible outing at the 2010 world cup.

Aiyegbeni has hit four goals in six appearances for Leicester City, and is gradually looking back to his best goal scoring form, but Siasia says he will leave him out until the team stabilises.

According to Siasia "We cannot take a chance on Yakubu now. This country will catch fire," Siasia told "Almost all Nigerians blame him for what happened at the World Cup, but that is not true. There were 11 players on the field and those on the bench and it is a collective responsibility."

"The best players in the world can miss chances."

"We didn't play well as team at the tournament, but Nigerians don't want to see Yakubu and Sani Kaita because they felt they destroyed everything for us."{googleAds}
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But Siasia abeg.....lets tell ourselves the truth..... What kind of a professional footballer would miss a "One on Zero"? Dis one no be one on one again, cos the goalkeeper was off the scene. Even my Gran Mama go score dat goal.

Siasia is building his team from the ground up, and says the door remains open to Yakubu and Kaita, as long as they are performing well and playing regular club football.

"We are building a new team right now and we cannot afford to bring them in now and put them under pressure from the fans. We don't want that.

"When the team is stable, we have won games, and they are doing well and scoring goals for their clubs, we can invite them then."



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