Gov. Jang Tells Plateau Youths To Defend Their Villages

Governor Jonah Jang

Governor Jonah Jang challenged residents of Plateau State, especially the youths, to form vigilantes in their villages and defend their people against intruders and attackers who come in slaughter them while asleep at night.

The governor made the call at the weekend while speaking on the security challenges of the state during the inaugural ceremony of his Redemption Campaign team at Korinjoh House, Dogon Karfe, Jos.

He said: “Go back to the villages and organise yourselves and start the neigbourhood watch against those coming to attack you in the night.”

As if blaming blaming the carnage in the area on the youths slothfulness, Jang said: “But in the villages, our boys are there sleeping and snoring after drinking Goskolo (apparently a local gin). I once told the youths at Mazah and Miango that why are they used to sleeping in the night and allowing themselves to be slaughtered?{googleAds}
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“These people (who usually) attack the state are brought from Niger and Chad by their sponsors in order to take over the state, because they are jealous of the state.”

The governor asked rhetorically, “If not, why did they take those arrested to Abuja for trial? They know if they are tried here, they will make revelations that would implicate personalities in the country.

“Even when we met with the Vice President, I brought the issue up, and right there, the vice-president called the Inspectopr-General of Police and ordered for the file; but up till now, nothing is heard about it.”

He also blamed his deputy, Mrs Pauline Tallen, for going about from one state to another in the North, telling the traditional rulers that he (Jang) does not like Muslims and telling the Muslims that he is responsible for the incessant crises in the state.

“I am telling the Muslims that the day they create an enabling environment and conducive atmosphere, they will see caterpillers running on their streets for construction. They said I would demolish their houses; yes. If I do that, it is for development purpose. No house will be destroyed until the owner has been paid compensation,” he said.

Jang explained that the Operation Rainbow “has come to stay,” adding that when fully operational, the security outfit would give the entire state peace and security which the people have been yearning for.




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