Female Undergraduate: Why I Planned To Kidnap My Elder Brother

THERE have been several cases of kidnapping across the country in recent time. These range from the kidnapping of expatriates, business moguls, bankers and even school children and members of the Fourth Estate of the Realm.
In each of these cases, the kidnappers had one major motive: that is to milk their victims through forceful payment of ransoms.


However, the unusual happened recently in Asaba, the Delta State capital, when a female undergraduate mooted the idea to make quick money through kidnapping her own blood brother, who incidentally was her sponsor in the university.

It is an action many people, including her relations and friends, find inconceivable and difficult to understand, especially as the devilish plot could have led to her brother being wasted in the process.

A Vanguard Metro’s close encounter with this young lady revealed that she plotted the kidnap of her elder brother as a retaliation for his allegedly abandoning her, especially after it dawned on her that he was no longer interested in sponsoring her education, despite the fact that she was instrumental to his becoming wealthy in the first place.{googleAds}
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She confessed to have acted primarily out of anger, thus spurning the philosophical admonition of the great Martin Luther of blessed memory that: "When I am angry I can write, pray and preach well, for then my whole temperament is quickened, my understanding sharpened, and all mundane vexations and temptations depart".

For her irrational action, Nkem Oguadinma, who claimed to be an undergraduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in Anambra State, is presently in detention and bitterly ruing her misadventure. She has also become an emergency ‘born again’ as she has now made the Holy Bible a ready companion and clutches it around. From her narration it was clear that a girl friend of hers encouraged and aided her to perfect the dirty deal.

According to Nkem: "The thought of kidnapping my brother came to me on a particular day in school when I was unable to pay my school fees of just N50,000 and nobody was ready to help me. Since I have nobody to fall back on, I wondered and asked myself why I am suffering when I have a brother who is rich and should help; a brother that I supported when he was to travel abroad.

"If I must tell you, I laboured hard to raise money to send my brother to Spain and he promised to take care of me when he comes back but at a time he abandoned me.

"It was at this point I came to Asaba from Awka to meet my childhood girlfriend from my village residing in Asaba. After narrating my problem to her I requested my girl friend to link me with those who could kidnap my brother to enable me extort money from him".

With the deal struck, a kidnap gang was contracted. Nkem went ahead to provide the sum of N10,000 which was eventually handed over to the kidnap gang and the gang struck. The gang struck a deal of N20 million to be coughed out as ransom, which they (gang members, including Nkem) agreed to share on a pro-rata basis. They successfully took away the brother, who lives within the Bonsac area, an outskirt of Asaba. This was after Nkem had provided the needed information as to the brother's movements on that fateful day. But Nkem's brother managed to escape when the gang's get- away vehicle was involved in an accident on the way.

Delta State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Charles Muka summed it up this way: "The girl conspired with five others to kidnap the elder brother. They made the first attempt and took away the brother at gun point by the Bonsac area, Asaba. …Unfortunately for them as they were going their vehicle had an accident on the highway by MTN which enabled the victim to escape.

"But they did not stop there; they came again after a week at 7.30 am (today) with a view to kidnapping him again but the gate-man raised alarm which attracted the neighbours who assisted in arresting one of the kidnappers who named the suspect (Nkem) as the mastermind.

"And with the arrest of one of the victims,” the PPRO continued, "others were picked up, including the girl friend to the sister (mastermind) of the victim, while we recovered cut-to-size guns from their hideout".

Meantime, Nkem is regretting her action and calling for forgiveness.



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people are heartless

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