John Fashanu Arrested After Wife Files Petition To Police

It is in line with the African culture for a married couple to involve family members when there is kwanta in the house, but for popular sports Ambassador John Fashanu’s wife Abigail, the elders are not enough for this matter. The estranged wife filed a petition involving Olopka.

On saturday May 30th 2015, Abigail filed a petition saying that John Fashanu was in possession of an unlicensed gun and had plans on sending footballers abroad with fake passports.

Reacting to the petition, the head of Media to John Fashunu, Mr Micheal Success said "This is another frustrated trick by Abigail, my boss' ex-wife to bring him down...yes Fashanu was invited to the Central police station based on the petition but he was able to clear the air. Its true the company has a licensed gun for protection over attacks like this from a frustrated woman”.

A gun as a protection over attacks from a frustrated wife? People get yarns finally. Na ISIS you marry?

He also added “Fashanu is know all over the world and his positive antecedents in sports development in Africa speaks volume of his personality, I won't be surprised if Abigail accuses him of kidnapping soon because an old woman is never old when it comes to the music she knows how to dance very well"



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