Actor Saint Obi Acquires N48m 2014 G65 AMG Mercedes Benz

Nollywood big name Saint Obi (before before sha) has acquired a 2014 G65 AMG Mercedes Benz. The car is said to be worth $292,000. Wait make i find calculator…N48million.

Based on “who be who”, only ten people in Naija drives this bullet proof Benz. Conseidering he is not into acting that much and I'm not seeing him flagging PDP flag, I just wonder where Saint Obi got the money.



Mr Dozzy 2014-09-05 15:05:28
Money talks

Dozie 2014-12-01 19:52:07
e sha dey drive Mercedes Benz 2014 G65 AMG .Na star as u talk,as 4 how e get d moni na story for the gods.Abeg!hustle ur own.

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