What's Up With Denrele

Madness is a very common illness, but the symptoms vary from person to person. For some male patients its roaming around town on a power bike with leather jacket and ring all over the body. Symptoms may also include taking senseless pictures without clothes and posing like a woman. Dear Lord.

Denrele’s case for me came noticed in Dbanj’s “Why Me” video. His craze was still in the development stage. But now? The high heels and skin tight pants are not enough to gain attention…..o boy don dey wear wig join?

Who get this pikin? Denrele actually wore this outfit to the Nigeria Teens Choice Awards held August 17th at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja. Haba. Kilo do you?



Juliet 2014-08-27 10:50:33
He is mad no doubt

Anonymous 2014-08-27 10:56:32
Never seen someone as useless as this guy b4...whether I for call am mad girl..Mtcheww

Person 2014-08-27 11:03:17

Frank 2014-08-27 18:17:30
This guy needs God honestly

Finest 2014-08-27 17:31:30
Na wa oh, he's getting worse by d day

Dele 2014-08-27 19:08:51
Lol,lol,kilo do u gan ni!! Denrele

Wura 2014-08-27 19:52:24
He needs a room in ARO

Anie 2014-08-27 20:10:49
I hate this guy I swear!! I think he's possess and needs a delieverance..I wonder what his parent are doing about this whole madness of his,that's if he has any...gushhhhh

Dj Banti 2014-08-27 22:50:37
no day beef d guy sucess

Xxx 2014-08-28 08:25:43
Nigerians always hating. If e easy mad your own and make the money he is making. Mind your ****ing business. #Aproko

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