Ladies Performing Plastic Surgery With Mary Kay - Photo

Looking good and dazzling is nice, but the way babes nowadays perform plastic surgery on their face with makeup is just out of this world. To spot original fine babe now for public come be WAEC. 

Everybody dey rub Mary Kay. Babe go hug you, na so she go deposit bonvita stain for your shirt. 

Person like me wey dey like public display of affection, I go kiss babe finish…my lips go don change colour. Niggas go come dey look me dey think say I don turn gay.  

Met this babe in the club, ahswear… Agbani no see draw for where dis babe dey. As a sharp badt guy I follow up the babe, anchor her for one side begin pour my WestLife lyrics. 

As luck can have it, Dj hammer Skelewu na en the babe shout “That’s my song”. Why not if not? I follow the babe government go begin dance. The babe plug the dance for rapid, I just dey wave hand like RocaFella, for my mind there I be JayZ. 

Fowl nyash come open wen sweat come dey change the babe face like wen bozz die for Terminator 2. Shet!!!! Bad market. Thank God for the Skelewu dance…na so I enter reverse with the dance…disconnect sharply. Lol

Next time I meet babe…na to ask her “Nne please do you have a no-make-up-picture I can verify?”



Albert 2014-08-25 15:25:53

Damobi 2014-08-26 04:15:57
So hilarious

Mz Riches 2014-08-26 08:28:03
Hahahahahhhahaha na so e be oooo non make up babe no dey street again ooooo.Na to make up nw oo,"Lmao

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