And They Thought I Was Gone

So 2014 had some other things keeping me busy from updating you guys with the latest amebor talk in town. What surprises me the most is after months of being under the radar....some of you guys kept asking...bro you still dey there?

I dey oh..I dey. I had some career program going on. So while I was "gone", the rate of unconfirmed news online just increase like fuel price. Which one come be SALT baff again kwa? Ebola na earth worm?

Well I hope to get back in shape for gossiping



Moi 2014-08-23 15:38:58
Welcome back

Muhammed 2014-08-23 16:51:59
Hi Ziggy,,,You re highly welcome bruh we all miss u bt tnk God u re bck again..... I hpe u won't be absent again???

Kings 2014-08-24 00:21:22
If u try abscond again eh I go use rope take drag u back. All the best in ur career moves.

Frost 2014-09-03 01:10:11
Ziggy see as you leave us.....#there is God o......

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