Video Interview: Enugu State First Lady Clara Chime Denies Having Mental Issues

Enugu State First Lady Clara Chime

Channels TV had an interview with Enugu State First Lady Clara Chime where she revealed her story debunking the claims that she had mental problems. She says she was suffering from reactive depression coming from the kind of treatment her husband gave her.





Omaxman 2013-12-23 10:32:41
Madam this is a typical family don't need to go publically on media discussing such issues cos no man would ever regard you as a good wife.

Ad Kirsty 2013-12-29 10:21:41
thank GOD she's recovered and ok now

J.T.I. 2014-11-23 21:02:27
@Omaxman, what did this woman say that warrant the comment that you posted? man would ever regard you as a good wife. How? I am a man and will 100% regard her as a perfect (gentle woman) lady. I don't know what else you want her to say even when she did not disclose what her hobby did to her you are still saying no man would ever regard her as a good wife. She is a very good wife. The problem is with her husband!

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