President Jonathan Sacks Minister Of Education and 8 Other Ministers

President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday shocked members of the Federal Executive Council as he sacked nine members of the council.

The sacked ministers did not have any inkling of their impending sack as some of them attended the weekly federal executive council meeting Wednesday.

President Jonathan reportedly thanked the sacked ministers for their services to the nation and wished them well in their future endeavors.

On the list of Ministers sacked Wednesday was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Olugbenga Ashiru, Minister of National Planning, Dr. Shamshudeen Usman- and Professor Ruquyatu Rufai, Minister of Education. others are Hajia Hadiza Mailafia (Environment), Ms. Ama Peppel (Housing), Minister of state for power Zainab Kuchi;

Minister of state for defence Erelu Olusula Obada, Minister of state for Agriculture Buka Tijani as well as Minister of science and tech- Professor Ita Bassey Ewah.



@ryychie 2013-09-11 19:02:30
I see no need for that joor

Shark 2013-09-11 19:24:06

TG 2013-09-11 20:21:21
Dis is becoming serious oh!!!means say dis strike don tie wrapper

Mukeli 2013-09-11 20:48:54
Dat means dis strike don born egima..

Mfon 2013-09-11 21:23:31
D ministries are moving in d right direction

Yakubu Aliyu Goro 2013-09-11 21:37:02
Certainly diz sacked ministers most be from PDP 2.diz pure propaganda

Abuolose... 2013-09-11 22:56:16
datz bad of him.....why is he lyk dis.

Ada 2013-09-12 03:31:12
what of petroleum minister? She is over due to be sack too.

Ramson 2013-09-12 04:18:19
which work dem first dey work b4? Na to dey lout our money and dem go still dey complain,GUD JOB JONATHAN

2nyc 2013-09-12 05:16:40
Its rubish

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