World's Fastest Man Usain Bolt Set To Retire By 2016

Usain Bolt

The world's fastest man Usain Bolt has made public his intentions of calling it a quit after racing at the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil. Am sure this would be a welcomed development to the other athletes who only end up escorting Bolt to the finish line.

The 27 year old Jamaican says: "So far it's after the Olympics in Rio, If I'm in great shape and I go there and do what I have to do, I think it would be a good time to retire on top and having dominated for so long."

"I couldn't find that goal, that drive to get going again," Bolt said. "I sat down and thought to myself -- what do I really want? And what can I do in this sport some more?"

Including relays, Bolt owns a combined 14 gold medals in the sport's two biggest events and is the world record-holder in both the 100 and 200 meters.



Maryela 2013-09-10 18:10:32
Wish him all the best. It has been great seeing him running!

El~MuD 2013-09-10 21:10:25
It's high tym he did.Wetin remain afta creatin a record and breakin it? #Best of luck#

Mr Alex 2013-09-11 08:44:45
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Diego88 2013-09-11 19:51:07
Bolt na bros...

Splash 2013-09-12 10:35:45
Mr Alex if u dnt ve anifin relevant to say u beta keep ur mouth shut.well done bolt kudos to u!

Ifyxclusive 2013-09-12 15:57:15
Mmmmmmmmmmmm quiet impressive.

Chrisadj 2013-09-13 07:52:39
bolt is the best i ever see and i like him.

Yinka4insight 2013-09-13 17:51:39
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