Video: Stella Damascus Speaks With Anger On Underage Marriage

Actress Stella Damascus

Actress Stella Damascus has said it all on the matter of senators legalizing child marriage at the age of 13. The anger on the sound of her voice is exactly what we need from not just celebrities, but every one if us. Watch video below





Abdullahi 2013-07-24 23:21:16
Hy madam u're very stupid u dnt know anytin wat an insult is that share on u yarima he's righ **** u...becafull dnt insult our. Religion if u dnt lik wat yarima saays jst do ur wish das All...mstw

Dafobra 2013-07-25 07:23:37
We need to pray 4 our county

Blessedgal 2013-07-25 17:53:18
Yerima is a monster, he even went as far as sayng dat he can giv his 6yrs old daughter 4 marriage. Wat Joy do they derive 4rm it? Instead u enslave a little child out of wickedness. Dis country is turning into anoda tin else. Stella, we r at ur bak

Hmmmmm 2013-07-25 22:45:40
I stil say it ppl re stupid,y wil sombdy to com out & say d ryt tin somtin lyk markassy wil b tokin rubbish.Go & rest in d hell. My sister GOD bless u 4 make sure statement & his protection is upon u. Luv u!

Simfy 2013-07-26 06:09:34
Stella I c d reason why u said what u have said I have questions for which goes as follows;1 wen was ur mother got her marriaged at what age?2 at wat age did u start havin illegal ****? Bside what right are u talkin abt? It is d right 2 allow prostutution what did u said abt child trafikin wat u said abt child labour? As classical and qualify ashawo wat dd u do. Stop all dis? Jst tel d world dat 1 senator pick and refuse pay u 4 d **** he hav wit u•i c u stella u dnt meant dis country well bcos u are worshipin devil stop pretendin sayin u are a chritain if u ar a christain. What dd u know abt marriaged bcos jesus christ peace b upon him dd nt marry•so u d devil tool stop hidin under the unbrella christianity

Khadijat 2013-07-29 10:38:32
Wao!!! Ds gist has been here and dr. I want to make U guys understand d law and basis before Stella starts ranting. Basically, marriage is to satisfy everbody, nobody is forcing U to do wat U nt willing to do, if christains wish to marry at any age dey can... U guys R just capitalizing on lower ages, the law states 'Any age'. So, apply wisdom 'stella'. Nollywood Actress shouldn't even put their mouth here, cos they R nt role models, jumping from one man to another, breaking up families.... Is dat wat we want to continue? In Islam, marriage can nvr be done without the couple's consent. U can't judge Islam, it requires alot of knowledge. If we can't go for early marraige, we R ready to give up our girls for molestations and all form of assaults.

Idris 2013-07-29 21:55:49
i beta 4 dem 2 go n get marid bcoz i world is nt afta education nw..lok at d world nw younga grl r usd 4 ****o is it beta 4 dm 4 go n get marid

Idris 2013-07-29 21:58:51
emma..if it best

Prince Chidiebere 2013-07-30 10:40:35
What an idiot. Dis old fools are not main a seat there as our senate

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