We Are Under Siege In Rivers, Govt House Being Teargassed - Rivers Government

Governor Rotimi Amaechi

The Rivers State Government has accused the Rivers State Police Command of directly firing teargas into the Government House in Port Harcourt.

The state Commissioner for Information, Ibim Semenitari, told PREMIUM TIMES that the police fired teargas canisters into the complex as Governor Rotimi Amaechi made to meet with members of the state executive council in the Exco chamber.

“I can tell you that we are under siege in Rivers,” a distraught Mrs Semenitari said on the telephone. “I’m seeing what I did not see under Abacha. Police are directly firing teargas into the Government House.

“The entire Government House is now polluted that we can’t conduct business in the Exco Chamber. We are all now huddled up in the governor’s  residence. Even there, the teargas is choking us.

“I’m also told they shot some supporters, but I can’t confirm that.”

The police had told journalists in Port Harcourt that they had to fire teargas to disperse protesters because the ban on public procession was still on in the state.

But Mrs. Semenitari said there were no protesters at the Government House and that “there was absolutely no need for the police to stand in front of the Government House gate and fire canisters into the complex.”

“This is unfair. This is unacceptable,” she said.

Mrs. Semenitari however explained that some local government chairmen and councillors from around the state were travelling in buses to pay solidarity visit to the governor when the police suddenly moved in and started firing the canisters.

“They were not even marching on the streets so you can’t say they were protesting,” the commissioner further said. “The teargas canisters were shot directly into the Government House. It’s really sad.”

The spokesperson of the state police commissioner could not be reached for comments at this time.

Meanwhile, a security source in the state said the violence in the state might worsen in the days ahead if urgent steps were not taken to check the influx of cultists and militants into Port Harcourt.

He said information at his disposal suggested that 10 flying boats and four busloads of fully armed militants had invaded the city in the past 24 hours and might wreck havoc if not checked.

Source: Premium Times



Rukky 2013-07-10 22:27:57
Someone has crossed τ̣̣ђё line. Someone is not loyal. Τ̣̣ђё pupeteer is at work, pulling τ̣̣ђё strings

Nasoo 2013-07-10 23:05:21
Story story

289D55EC 2013-07-10 23:06:18
Trouble everywer

Stbaby 2013-07-11 06:37:00
very shameful

Caesar 2013-07-11 23:58:06
This is. Naija

Jay 2013-07-12 00:09:47
Youths my youths, do not let the propaganda they use to cos tension in our mind and at that we loose focus off the main goal.... Did u ever wonder why is it wen the president went to borrow 3billion this problem started. Its only a pity d governor is now the center puppet of a big scam about the hit our economy.

Naija Boy 2013-07-12 05:01:27
This is naija...a lovely country

Mosesb 2013-07-12 09:04:29
Hmmm. Prophesy coming true. We better b careful in dis month of July, cos dat war in Government House is just d Genesis. Who knows wat will happen wen its reach Malachi. Bcareful

Kulezt 2013-07-12 22:01:59
Naija...God'll help U.

2718fb34 2013-07-13 14:10:45
May god hlp dem

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