Private Jet Owners Barred From Carrying Friends and Associates

Do you have a private jet or intend to buy one in the nearer future? The Nigerian Federal Government has placed a new policy stating that a private jet owner cannot carry his friends on board. For what reason? I guess who ever made this policy has a private jet and got tired of his friends asking him "shebi u dey go Lagos? Abeg drop me for Ikoyi"...lmao

National Civil Aviation Policy 2013 states

Approval or clearance from the Director-General, NCAA, will not be required from Nigerians operating non-revenue flights with appropriate insurance policies in the following cases:

*For private aircraft owned or leased by individuals, only the family members of the owner/lessee of the aircraft will be permitted on board as passengers.

*For private aircraft owned or leased by companies or corporate entities, only the employees and members of the Board of Directors of the company will be permitted on board as passengers.

*For aircraft belonging to non-scheduled or scheduled operators, only the employees and members of the Board of Directors of the company or the corporation may be permitted on board as passengers; all operators will declare the identities of all passengers on non-revenue charter flights in the appropriate general declaration forms prior to obtaining ATC clearance.

Nigerian carriers operating revenue passenger charter flights will be required to have a current non-scheduled or scheduled operator permit with operations manual that contains flight duty time limitations, which will be strictly monitored on regular basis.

Retention of foreign registered aircraft in Nigeria will not be permitted beyond a period of 15 days from date of entry. However, the Minister of Aviation may, in certain circumstances, grant the extension of this period for up to 60 days.



ANUNA KC 2013-05-08 23:04:50
:lol: YES NA IS GOOD SHAA .FLY ALONE ,CRASH ALONE THAT FOLLow hahahahahahhahahahahhahhahha

Fancy 2013-05-10 10:29:37
Dat means i go stop 2 cary gudluck N sambo na, lol

Beautie 2013-05-14 13:24:25
Na dem sabi

Segerege 2013-05-22 12:54:15
Y nuah

Fabulous 2013-05-25 12:37:24
Haba...e no gud o..hw i go take carry my bf na :oops:

Spark Rhymes 2013-06-01 06:45:41
Sha dat one de....plane fuel don increase.nd d man don tire to buy omly am

Dino Dipxy 2013-06-08 19:07:01
i want even dash smbdy my own sef.

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