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Music: Jeje - Tonto Dikeh

Obviously actress Tonto Dikeh was not intending to fool around when she dropped two singles last year 2012. Its 2013 and Tonto Dikeh returns to the speakers with her lastest song JEJE.

On the honest side of life, Tonto just gets better on every release. Check out Tonto Dikeh on JEJE.


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Congrats 2013-03-01 15:30:20

Lol 2013-03-01 15:58:38

Ely 2013-03-01 16:58:57

Sly 2013-03-01 20:07:39
Na wah ƒσя ds girlie O°˚˚˚ ,muzik na by force.abeg tonto go find place slp

LYNXXX... 2013-03-01 22:14:39
am nt even ready 2 waste ma m.b 2 download rubish

Mimiano 2013-03-02 04:57:21
:lol: very funny tonto. Abeg stop disturbing us wit all dis nonsense plzzzzzzzzzz

Mimiano 2013-03-02 05:00:13
If U̶̲̥̅̊ ₪☺ shame i dey shame 4 U̶̲̥̅̊ wallahi Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡ girl Ơ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡ U̶̲̥̅̊ must nt b very tin Oº°˚˚°ºk concestrate on Ūя̲̅ movie Oº°˚˚°ºk

Tee! 2013-03-02 05:40:47
D song z avtually nice! #thumbsup Tonto!

Sexy J 2013-03-02 08:05:36
:zzz Busy

Killa 2013-03-02 10:26:04
:-x .tonto y u dey mak me 1 vomit.see ehn u r jst so ugly,foolish,stupid. U beta face ur mumu films.

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