Download Music: Tony Montana Remix - Naeto C feat Dbanj

Naeto C feat Dbanj Tonay Montana

Naeto C teams up with the KokoMaster Dbanj on the remix of Tony Montana. I sabi say I no suppose show much sentiments as per "writer", but my opinion remains that the Dbanj on this remix is certainly not the Dbanj on OYATO. Who is with me on that?




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HackMASTA 2012-07-16 23:46:29

Prince Brown 2012-07-17 00:18:48
:-) :-) kul

Chary* 2012-07-17 05:00:07
Luv u naeto

Davido101 2012-07-17 06:38:37
D song is ok...but

Anyioj 2012-07-17 07:32:48
@Neato C let remix be remix ooo,if I in any way hear dat u joined him in dat illuminati rubbish.....I be ur NO1 ryt now u u are my Bestie Kip it up tyt music*

Emmylux 2012-07-17 08:14:47

N.G Black 2012-07-17 09:07:32
neato no do mistake go join dbanji for dat thing.

Fifi 2012-07-17 10:09:17
:-) Kul song neato but plz don't go n jion dat tin called dbanji plz

Fifi 2012-07-17 10:09:23
:-) Kul song neato but plz don't go n jion dat tin called dbanji plz

Pheyxthus 2012-07-17 10:52:04
Nice collabo :lol:

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