When Ramsey Scores, A Top Name Dies?

Unbelievable! I hear that Arsenal player Aaron Ramsey gets a top name dead anytime he scores a goal. Please am not serious about this post, the coincidence is just funny to hear.

Ramsey scores against ManUtd and Bin Laden kpafuka.
Ramsey scores against Tottenham and Steven Jobs is gone.
Ramsey scores against Marseille and Gaddafi delete.
Ramsey scores against Sunderland and we loose Whitney Houston.
Even him not scoring against Man City, Kim Jong-il dies a few days after the match.

Is this the reason why they call him "RAMBO"? Please I mean no disrespect to the dead, but this topic got a lot of football fans wondering.

Source: Clubastic.com
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Martha 2012-02-12 09:34:22
U better stop makin fun of dead people

Sunikan 2012-02-12 09:44:32
Its all jst a coincidence.ramsey shuldnt c himself lyk sum kind of god bcos he is jst a common human being.abi na wizard he be?lol!add me on 2go "sunikan"

Mohd I Idris Bununu 2012-02-12 12:32:23

Mercy 2012-02-12 13:34:07

Stevin08 2012-02-12 13:49:19
As an arsenal fan, i will love it if you don't have news for us beta keep ur peace.

S.I Donpicoh 2012-02-12 14:26:24

S.I Donpicoh 2012-02-12 14:26:42

S.I Donpicoh 2012-02-12 14:26:43

S.I Donpicoh 2012-02-12 14:26:45

S.I Donpicoh 2012-02-12 14:26:46

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