Happy Strike Holiday

My people, happy strike holiday. Today and tomorrow has been declared as a STRIKE FREE DAY by NLC on the on-going nationwide strike for fuel subsidy removal.

Below is a statement from NLC and TUC.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Joint Action Front (JAF) commend the Nigerian people for turning out in their millions since Monday January 9, 2012, to protest the astronomical increase in the price of PMS (Petrol). We commend them for their resolute stand and insistence in struggling for a better country.
The Labour Movement and its civil society allies after nationwide consultations has decided that this weekend, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th January, 2012, will be observed as strike, protest and rally-free days.
We ask Nigerians to utilize these days to rest, restock and get re-energized for the continuation of the strikes, rallies and protests from Monday 16th January, 2012.

The NLC, TUC and their allies in the Civil Society Movement on Thursday 12th January 2012 met with the Senate leadership, Nigeria Governors Forum and the Executive Arm.

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At the meeting, Labour asked the Presidency to suspend the new petrol (PMS) price increases announced on January 1, 2012. In return, we offered to suspend forthwith, the strikes, mass rallies and street protests. We also suggested that an expanded committee be set up which would discuss the fuel subsidy issue and pricing for petrol.

The Government side presented a counter proposal asking Labour to negotiate new fuel prices. Since we had no such mandate, Labour declined and decided to return to its National Executive Council meetings, which will be held on Saturday 14th January 2012 for a possible expanded mandate.

Labour commends the National Assembly for its intervention and further urges the Presidency to be more reconciliatory towards the people and show more understanding and sensitivity to their feelings and collective interests.

Owei Lakemfa/John Kolawole
NLC Acting General Secretary/TUC Secretary General

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May 2012-01-14 08:35:49
Na woh nlc dem get money 4 pocket poor 9ja way no get means of income go sit dow dey look wetin we wan use dey stock

Chidinma 2012-01-14 08:58:37
Na wa Goodluck mind dey him stomach na him make am they heartless like this. Abeg CAN presido beg all christian to fast and pray 4 a better naiga and presido cos them manipulate jona him dey work like remote control

Femi155 2012-01-14 10:46:00
Gej 2ruly nids our prayer bcz he is bin cntrld by doz wt him, removal subsidy is a gud tin, bt d pple wt him av made him bring it up in away dat wl spoil his name nd mayb remv him frm office 4 sambo to take ova. :cry:

Gloria U 2012-01-14 10:55:17
Fuel or fuel, subsidy or subsidy i must enjoy. Life must go on. I dont give a ****.

Irunmale 2012-01-14 13:17:38
I know God will make a way today. D meeting will be fruitful.

Kaj 2012-01-14 14:20:03
I belive n miracle

Progress 2012-01-14 15:30:50
D reason y our corrupt fg fails to agree wit nlc is dis:d jonathan's team is findin a way to hit d kabals who gains xcessively frm #65 per litre while xpectin d nlc to create an agreement term of d fg fufillin its promises btw a year while bearin d pains of d subsidy under an open signed document which if he fails'he resigns bt d kabals who happens to b smart n re only concerned wit #65 are manipulatin nlc to speak for only d price n nt create an agreement which is jonathan's only way to truly remove d subsidy under d compulsion of fufillin his promises b4 a year n also spoilin business for d kabals lyk obj etc

Don Ibro 2012-01-14 16:29:01
Gloria u said it all !!! Subsidy or no subsidy life goes on. . . Or na petrol dey keep person alive ?? <br />Add me on 2go @ donibro01 "shy"

Efizzygirl 2012-01-14 18:30:09
Don ibro,u no dey tire 2 talk

Prettylindy 2012-01-14 20:33:18
Who is foolin who? Wot gud wil sat nd sun yield? Y r they strike free days? I am askin u NLC, stp usin d masses 2 get wot u wnt. Tnk God i'm nt part of d protest nd neva intend bin part of it. As 4 d protesters, do as u wer told, rest, restock nd re-energized 4 d continuation of d protest. NLC, WHO R U FOOLIN?

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