Fuel Subsidy Funny Pix: Back From Villa

Which ever way dem want am, a Naija man must survive. Subsidy or no subsidy.....Jehovah is our subsidy....Full Stop


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Femi155 2012-01-12 17:34:22
Mtcheeew :-x

Pecky 2012-01-12 17:58:04
:D lwkm! I lyk dis man pattern. No tym

Na So 2012-01-12 18:09:42
Lady fantastic

Claude 2012-01-12 18:42:34
9ja 4 u

Don Ibro 2012-01-12 19:24:10
Hehehehe lolz . . <br />Add me on 2go DonIbro01 "shy"

Latifu200 2012-01-12 19:51:36
Trust 9ja man na.wat eva d cnditn,we go survive

Emmahart11 2012-01-12 20:30:53
na wa ooo

Geny Damsel 2012-01-12 21:19:35
:D lwkm na wa o!!! Tnk God say at least dem c way come back 4rm Villa cox no mata d conditn,we go SURVIVE...GOD DEY

Omojeme 2012-01-12 22:27:28
Very funny :lol:

CuteNk 2012-01-12 22:41:54
:lol: very funny but I L♥√ع †ђξ spirit of suvival.

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