Snoop Dogg Arrested For Drugs

Snoop Dogg

American rapper Snoop Dogg was arrested early Saturday morning and cited for possession of drug paraphernalia after U.S. Border Patrol agents allegedly found marijuana on his tour bus during a search at a checkpoint. And my people would say "Eheennnnn? Dat na normal thing for am"

Hudspeth County sheriff's office said in a statement that Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, was arrested on Saturday at the Sierra Blanca highway checkpoint and cited for possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor typical in cases involving small amounts of marijuana.

County Judge Becky Dean Walker says paraphernalia citations are typically resolved by a no contest plea and a mailed-in fine of up to $US500 ($A489).

The artist's agent didn't immediately respond to a request for comment today.



Samuel Henry Kenteyo 2012-01-11 14:59:13
as we all know say na normal thing 4 am.and about d money him get am he get am.

Me 2012-01-11 16:35:32
lik its a new fn. most of them are into drugs we kno that buh so are caught with it and som aint

Bigdaddy 2012-01-11 17:32:34
Him born spiritual in Jamaica

Sassyqueeen 2012-01-11 19:38:00
d guy dey high 2-4 its so unfortunate say dem catch am

Odinaka 2012-01-11 19:58:45
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Abayo 2012-01-11 20:29:32
Na him stck in trade now.

Abayo 2012-01-11 20:29:43
Na him stck in trade now.

Irunmale 2012-01-11 20:30:30
No big deal now

Snoop G 2012-01-11 20:41:19
Snoop dogg no long thing

Izu Uzoukwu 2012-01-11 20:59:29
hmmmm dat is it 4

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