DPO Who Shot Protester In Ogba Has Been Arrested

Justice has been served "hopefully" as the Lagos State Police Command confirms the arrest of the DPO who shot and killed a protester "Ademola Aderinde" yesterday in Ogba who was protesting the fuel subsidy removal.

Information says the Divisional Police Officer Mr Segun Fabunmi, and his officers have been arrested and handed over to the state criminal department.

Na for there una go smell una yansh, but hope say no be film show dem dey show us.



Kidae 2012-01-10 10:36:52
Datz gud

Efizzygirl 2012-01-10 10:40:49
Dis z jst d beginin

Isolate 2012-01-10 10:56:06
Part one

Mushanga 2012-01-10 10:57:01
At least dis goes 2 show dat dis govt means well 4 us

Nkay 2012-01-10 10:57:28
Hope D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ ll be dealt wit accordingly, and not released at our back oooo

Ibrahim Olayemi 2012-01-10 10:57:59
He should b stone 2 death.

Ft 2012-01-10 10:58:01
If them try any film show then I go no wetin this human right lawyers dey do for that country with all the money wen human right international dey give them do?

Kiss 2012-01-10 10:59:39
Hmmmmm naija wen we go survive.

Musty Umar 2012-01-10 11:05:02
:lol: ogun go punish dem 4 dia,ii swear!!!!

Lie Lie 2012-01-10 11:08:51
Dis is not d DPO, dis is d guy dat is dead

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