Chinua Achebe
Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe And 37 Others Write A Letter To Jonathan On Subsidy

With the matter on ground being Fuel Subsidy Removal, Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe and group of 37 others have written a letter to the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan to ‘immediately change course by reverting to the old prices of petroleum products’.

A Picture From A Movie
A Picture From A Movie

Mercy Johnson Is Pregnant?

There is a faint rumour, and by that I mean UNCONFIRMED GOSSIP that our Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson is pregnant.

Robbery Victims
Robbery Victims

UPDATED: Armed Robbers Strike Near First Bank PH. Many Killed. Photos

Their was a massive bank robbery in the city of Port Harcourt today claiming the lives of Policemen and some innocent passer-by.

Mercy johnson Blind
Mercy johnson Blind

Mercy Johnson Goes Blind. Picture

Everyone should be in shock after hearing that Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson has gone blind. Even me sef been wan cry wen I saw the picture of Mercy Johnson blind, I had to confirm via my celeb friends, only for them to laugh at me saying it was just a picture from a movie she acted.

I Received A Call From 09141. What A Horrible Experience

On the 14th day of September I received a message on my phone from a relative saying “ Pls don’t pick any call wit 09141 its instant dead tell others”. Accessing my intellectual brain, I gave it an instant “MTCHWW!”

Killer Number 09141? Dont Pick.Lol

Once in while after having a boring period, Nigerian people tend to come up with something funny and killing. The topic now is that a mysterious phone number is "killing people".

Dj Ziggy
Dj Ziggy

Dj Mix DanceHall Vol 1. Free Download

Based on popular demand (for my mind), I return with a killer Dj mix having the latest naija jams on it. Just for the records...... this mix was done by AmeborTalk CEO himself. Yes oh! Jack of all trades, I gree. Enjoy the mix (Its a promo for the new site I created for music promotion

Wizkid Impregnates An Undergraduate. She Delivers A Baby Girl

The touch is set on Wizkid once again as rumour spreads around the internet about Wizkid having a baby girl. The gist says that Wizkif impregnated an undergraduate named Sola several months ago. Nine months passed and the result was a baby girl for Wizkid.

Picture Of Wizkid And His "New Girlfriend"

Wizkid is at it again. This time he was spotted in a beach with his "new girlfriend". So? Its not as if this is a new thing for the male specie. So the young man likes to change women every now and then, that's no big deal. If you haven't been with another girl before, cast the first comment. lol.

Will Smith
Will Smith

Actor Will Smith Dead?

Actor Will Smith last night became the latest celebrity to not fall to his death near the Kauri Cliffs resort in Northland.
Stories flooded the internet yesterday stating the Men In Black star had died while filming in New Zealand.

The false report came from the Outrageous Fortune actress Robyn Malcolm fall from the same cliffs, near Matauri Bay.

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