Strike Continues As Jona And NLC Meeting Ends In Deadlock

Finally the wait is over and no result has been pasted. Fuel Subsidy removal meeting just ended between Jonathan and NLC and Jona has refused to revert the price back to N65 as proposed by the NLC.

Desmond Elongated Tweet
Desmond Elongated Tweet

Jonathan Has Reverted Fuel To N65 Says Desmond Elliot

We all should know by now that the government of Naija is in a meeting with the NLC over the price of fuel. So many issues and rumours on the outcome of the still on-going meeting, but Nigerians have been informed with a BREAKING NEWS from a rather UNEXPECTED source.

Fuel Subsidy Funny Pix: Back From Villa

Which ever way dem want am, a Naija man must survive. Subsidy or no subsidy.....Jehovah is our subsidy....Full Stop

Boko Haram Leader Sends A Message To Jonathan and CAN President On Youtube

Jungle don mature. A message has been sent on youtube by Boko Haram to President Goodluck and to the Can president.The message was in hausa language, but thanks to sahara reporters for the translation.

Watch Video: Nigeria Ebezina - Flavour N'abania

We thought the song was ending on the audio, but Flavour N'abania went further to shoot a video for his Fuel Subsidy song "Nigeria Ebezina".

Protesters Set Minna On Fire. INEC Building and Others Burnt

Yet another violence has erupted from the on going Fuel Subsidy Removal protest as riot breaks out in Niger State this morning.

Desmond Elliot
Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot Speaks His Angry Mind On Fuel Subsidy Removal

Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot has joined the few Nigerian celebs who have spoken their mind on the most popular topic in the country "Fuel Subsidy Removal".

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Arrested For Drugs

American rapper Snoop Dogg was arrested early Saturday morning and cited for possession of drug paraphernalia after U.S. Border Patrol agents allegedly found marijuana on his tour bus during a search at a checkpoint. And my people would say "Eheennnnn? Dat na normal thing for am"

Beyonce Buys A $3500 Bed For Her Baby

You wan try Baby Swag? Beyonce just bought her new born baby a $3500 Nursery Works VETRO Lucite crib at an NYC boutique. Naira equivalent na N574000 ( e no too big sef).

24hours Curfew Declared In Kaduna

With the rate of protest escalation in Kaduna, a 24hour curfew has been imposed in the state, i.e nobody should be seen walking on major roads till further notice.

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